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Model, muse and now, master tour guide. We’re hanging out in New York with Mari Giudicelli.
“Whenever I’m done with work in Manhattan and I’m not in a rush to get home, I walk over the bridge. It’s very peaceful, and the view is unbeatable.”
Suit by ERDEM, shoes by MARI GIUDICELLI, sunglasses by CELINE
Williamsburg Bridge
“I cycle to avoid traffic, and being underground. It’s a way to exercise as well. It’s a bit hectic to bike in NYC, I’ve been in two accidents, but I’ll keep riding!”
Dress by GUCCI, shoes by MIU MIU, sunglasses by SMOKE X MIRRORS
“Raggedy Threads is so well curated. I love French workwear, military garb, denim, and silks – I like to mix it up! – and the selection there is amazing.”
Shirt by MARQUES ALMEIDA, jeans by BALENCIAGA, shoes and sunglasses by GUCCI
Raggedy Threads
602 Grand Street,
“Bakeri is my go-to spot when I need to get out of the studio for a second. Their coffee and pastries are so good and the place is so pleasant.”
Dress by ALESSANDRA RICH, shoes by MIU MIU, sunglasses by SAINT LAURENT
150 Wythe Avenue
“Taking the ferry and riding it under the bridges on the way downtown is super fun, I love the wind blowing in my hair.”
East River Ferry
Shirt and skirt by MIU MIU, boots by SAINT LAURENT, sunglasses by GUCCI
“The best and only place you can trust your typewriter to.”
“I have a typewriter that belonged to my mother that needed repairing and I finally found Gramercy, and they are amazing. It’s just this guy and his father – who started the place 76 years ago! They did repairs for all the major companies in NYC back in the day. Today they repair, refurbish, and resell machines. I had mine fixed up and ended up buying another one too!”
Knit and skirt by BALENCIAGA, shoes by MARI GIUDICALLI, bag by MIU MIU
Gramercy Typewriter Co.
174 5th Avenue
“I just think it’s a fun, unexpected, unpretentious little gallery.”
368 Broadway
Jacket by GUCCI, knit by ROCHAS, shorts by GANNI, shoes by MIU MIU
“It’s just so inspiring in there. I always learn about some writer I’ve never heard of, or find a super old fashion magazine I’ve never read.”
Knit by ACNE, skirt by FAITH CONNEXION,
Mast Books
66 Avenue A
Manhattan or Brooklyn?
Manhattan for errands. Brooklyn for living, eating and thrift shopping.

Favourite neighbourhoods?
I am in the Lower East Side, Soho and Chinatown a lot. Greenpoint, Bushwick and Bed Stuy as well.

Why do you live in Williamsburg?
I lived in the East Village for 3 years and it was so loud and crazy everyday. When it was time to move I found my apartment on Craigslist. The street was so quiet with trees, and only a few blocks from the river, so I had to take it! I love coming back from Manhattan and feeling that the air is a bit lighter and the noise a little less.

Do you see yourself living here forever?
Who knows! I love this place. Everytime I leave I’m happy to come back.

How do you get around?
Subway for sure. But I also bike a lot.

Eating out or eating in?
I only eat out on weekends. During the week I sautee vegetables, rice and sometimes a piece of meat. Nothing fancy, just healthy and hearty.

Where do you recommend for food?
Caracas for Venezuelan, Commodore for American, Maison Premiere for oysters, Dimes for healthy food, Beco for Brazilian, Samurai Mama or Bozu for Japanese.

A secret place in the city that you love… one that not many people will know about?
There’s a park on Kent Ave and South 4th almost under Williamsburg Bridge that is not going to last too long because of all the new constructions, but it’s a small farm, where they grow flowers and vegetables, and the view of the city is amazing.
Where else do you go vintage shopping?
For less specific, more general thrifting I like Urban Jungle. Malin Landaeus is also very good. For vintage designer pieces, Tokio 7 in the East Village.

What are you reading at the moment?
I read more than one book at a time. I just read two books from Osamu Dazai, and The Happiness of Burnout by Finn Janning and I’m starting What if We Were Wrong by Chuck Klosterman and Packing for Mars by Mary Roach.

How do you relax?
I’m still learning how to manage that. It’s hard, I think about work 24/7. But I practice transcendental meditation twice a day everyday and go on bike rides and to the park or beach on the weekends – that helps a lot. It’s harder during the winter.

If you weren’t working in the industry, what would you be doing?
Probably selling popsicles at the beach. Or an astronomer. I’d love to work for NASA.

How would you describe your style?
I dress pretty casual. I’d describe it as utilitarian, unfussy and practical.

Favourite designers?
Dries Van Noten, Lauren Manoogian, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Prada.

Failsafe styling tips?
Silk black dress for when you’re not feeling it. I usually go to my favourite pair of vintage jeans and a white button-down.

What’s the best advice that you’ve ever been given?
Just do it!
Photography ANDREW WOFFINDEN @A&R Photographic | Photographer’s Assistant ODED SHOSHAN Hair Stylist DEBORAH BRIDER @Factory Downtown | Make Up Artist TADAYOSHI HONDA @Factory Downtown

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